Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Ask yourself...

As an employer, what is your average workforce age? What is your replacement workforce strategy? How stable is your workforce over the next 10-15 years? Do you find it difficult to recruit qualified staff? How do you recruit apprentices? If any on these questions are on your lips as an employer, then you need our help as much as we need yours.

Working together with schools is now much more than simply meeting corporate social responsibilities, you need our children to develop the skills required to solve your industry challenges.

Here is how you can help

1. Look through the topic requests provided by teachers in this spreadsheet.
2. Choose a topic and complete your submission of interest here.
3. Following your submission of interest you can expect a welcome email/phone call within a week from our Senior Careers Leader.
4. Once a topic is agreed you will be introduced to the subject teacher by email to arrange a convenient time to conduct a phone call.
5. A phone call will take place between teacher and employer to agree a mutually convenient date to visit the lesson, expectations/objectives will be discussed and a date agreed.
6. You visit the class and inspire a future generation of learners!